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1.Introduction # is a WordPress site. For further information about WordPress please see Documentation is available at I’ve included some basic information in this manual to get you started with your new site. If you need any more help with administering, contact me at
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2.Login #

Your site is editable from

Username: gbc_adm

This will take you to your ‘dashboard’ where you can see all the administrative tasks available

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3.Editing the Site #

The dashboard has a left hand menu, which contains Posts, Pages, Forms– amongst other things. All of these have a fairly similar interface for editing. I’ll cover that first, and then go into any specifics for individual sections below.

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4.Pages #

In the left hand menu go to ‘Pages’, and select the page you wish to edit. (or if you wish to add a new one, click ‘Add New’) This will take you to the Edit Page Screen.

Your site only uses one main page, entitled ‘Home’  (the ‘News’ page is just for listing your blog posts and is automatically generated)

Your site uses a special page builder called ‘Elementor‘ to build complex layouts in a live, visual way.  Detailed information about how to use Elementor is available on their support pages

To edit the home page, hover over the title ‘Home’ and click ‘Edit with Elementor’

You can then click into which ever section of the site you wish to edit, and a pane will appear on the left hand side of your screen allowing you to change the text or image or any of the settings for that section.

You can also add new sections, columns or widgets by selecting them in the left hand pane (the grid of 9 little squares on the top right takes you to the menu of elements that are available to add)

When you have finished editing the page, click on the Update button on the bottom left of the page.

Running through your specific current home page setup:

Header Image

Right click on the header image, and select ‘Edit Section’ from the menu that appears.

On the left hand side, settings for that section will be loaded.

Click on ‘Style’ to change the background image.

Header Text

Click on ‘Therapeutic Counselling’.

You can then edit the text in situ, or in the Content Title box that is loaded on the left hand side

Introductory Text

Click in the text, to edit in situ or in the box that is loaded on the left hand side.

Click on the six dots that appear when you hover above the text to change settings pertaining to the whole section.

For example, background colour:

On clicking the six dots, on the left hand side, settings for the section will be loaded.

Under Style > Background > Colour you can select the background colour for the section.

Find out more button

Right click on the button, and select ‘Edit Button’ . This brings up the Button options on the left hand side.

In ‘Content’ you can change the button text, and the link.  This button goes to a section further down the page, with an ID of ‘about’.  In the ‘Advanced’ tab for every element you have the option to set the ‘CSS ID’  and the About section has its set to ‘about’. The link for the button is then set to #about, as # is a css convention meaning ID.  This method is used to define all the site menu items that go to particular sections on the home page.

In ‘Style’, you can change the text, background and hover colours, as well as the amount of padding around the text.

About Me

Click in the title or the text to change these respective elements

Ginas picture

Click in the picture, and it will appear on the left hand side.  Click on this, and it will bring up the Media Library which gives you the option to change the picture – from existing ones that are uploaded, or to add a new one from your computer.

Make an appointment button

See Find out more button above – this is edited in exactly the same way.

Get In Touch

This section contains a series of blocks.  To edit the settings that pertain to the entire section eg background colour, curvy background shape, click on the 6 dots that appear as you mouse into the section (between + and x), or right click in the section, and select ‘Edit Section’ from the menu that appears.

On the left hand side, settings for the section will be loaded.

Under Style > Background > Colour you can select the background colour for the section.

Under Style >Shape Divider, Type is currently set to curve but there are many options you can choose from (Top and Bottom are the same except Bottom is inverted by selecting the Invert toggle)

Under Advanced > CSS ID, the id of the section is set to ‘contact’.  This is so it can be referenced from the menu.

Inner Section: 3 Columns

Click on edit section (6 dots on a blue background at the top).

Under Layout on the left hand side, you will see the 33,33,33 structure is selected, creating 3 columns

Right clicking in each column (or clicking the little white column icon at the top left of each column), will allow you to ‘ Edit Column’.

Under Style > Background you can change the background image.

The text boxes can all be edited by just clicking in them.

Clicking on the map, you can edit the location shown under Content > Map > Location.  You can also change the zoom level here.

Contact Form

This links to a form via a shortcode.  To access the form, go to Forms in the left hand WordPress admin menu, where you will see an entry ‘Contact Form’.

Hovering over the title, brings up a little menu underneath. Here you can choose to Edit the form, or view the Entries submitted to the form.

Editing the form: click ‘Edit’ (or you can just click the Form title).  You can drag fields of your choice from the left hand ‘Add Fields’ section to the right hand visual representation of the form.

From the Settings button (at the top on a purple background):

-under ‘General’, you can set the message that is displayed once the form is submitted, and the button label

-under ‘Email’, you can set who the form submission information is sent to (its currently set to your address)

For more infomation, see the documentation here

Viewing the form submissions: click ‘Entries’ and you will see a list of submissions to the form.  For more information, see



Click into the title or the faqs themselves to edit in situ, or in the text editor that is loaded on the left hand side.

In the section settings (six dots on blue background at the top of the section):

Under Advanced > CSS ID, the id of the section is set to ‘faqs’.  This is so it can be referenced from the menu.


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5.Posts #

To edit your blog posts, go to Posts in the left hand WordPress Admin menu.

Click ‘Add New’ to add a new one, or click a title from the list to edit an existing one.

Add or edit the title and body.

If you want to set blog posts to publish in the future, go to Status & Visibility on the right hand side of the page – next to Publish, there is a link saying ‘Immediately’.  Clicking on that will bring a calendar up and you can select a date in the future when you would like the blog post to be published.

Finally press the Publish or Update button

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7.Site Maintenance #

Keeping your site up to date is the single most important thing you can do to protect against hackers.

On the WordPress dashboard, there is an updates link which will tell you what needs updating.

Please ensure the core version of WordPress and the plugins are kept up to date (but leave the theme as this can upset the look and feel of the site)

Your site is set to update once a week so if there are any problems caused by updating, we can roll back to a previous version.

A site security plugin called Wordfence is also installed on your site, which will send you emails when updates are required.  It will also inform you of any security problems on the site.

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8.SEO #

A plugin called Yoast SEO has been installed to help with the Search Engine Optimisation of your site.

To access it, go to SEO in the left hand admin menu.

Edit the meta description for different content types here

You can also customise them for individual pages by scrolling down to the ‘Yoast SEO’ section and clicking ‘Edit Snippet’

The Yoast SEO section on your home page also contains hints and tips on how to improve readability and SEO for your site.

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