Return to Face-to-Face Therapy

I am currently offering face-to-face (F2F) sessions for those clients who feel they wish to do so.  The furniture in the therapy room has been upgraded and re-arranged so that we can adhere to COVID 19 protocols and keep us as all as safe as possible during the pandemic.

At the Berkhamsted Counselling Practice, the following guidelines will need to be followed in order for us to hold F2F sessions. 

1)           Health

a.            You, and anyone you live with is asymptomatic for Coronavirus and have been so for 14 days.

b.            I am asymptomatic for Coronavirus and have been for 14 days.

c.            If you develop ANY symptoms that may be indicative of Coronavirus (fever, persistent cough, loss of smell and/or taste) please let me know and all sessions will be remote until further notice.

d.            If you are unwell with COVID 19 then all sessions will be suspended until you are well enough to return to therapy.  

e.            If you have been advised to self-isolate, then all sessions will be held remotely.

f.            If I am contacted by the Government Track & Trace department, I may be required to disclose your name and contact details. I would not disclose how we know each other.

2)           The Therapy Room

a.            I will open the back door at the session start time.   Please stand 2 metres from the back door until you are able to enter into the building safely.

b.            I will prop open the therapy room door so that you do not have to touch the door.   Once you are seated, I will close the therapy room door.

c.            Please use the hand sanitiser provided in the room at the start/end of your session.  

d.            Toilets and public spaces at Audley House are not controlled by me and I cannot guarantee the hygiene standards or social distancing in these areas. 

e.            All communal surfaces within the therapy room, for example the door handle, table, and chair will be disinfected between each client.  

f.             We will remain at least 2 metres apart at all times.

g.            Please bring your own water bottle to the session, should you wish.  

In accordance with Government guidelines I will be monitoring the COVID 19 situation. If the threat to our health increases and we are again advised to lockdown by the Government then all sessions will be held remotely.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the arrangements for Face-to-Face therapy with me at this time.

Return to Face-to-Face Therapy
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