“The most important project is you”

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the simple truth that “The most important project is you”.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to join a ‘virtual’ event organised by Tring Book Festival last night, and hear the remarkable Ollie Ollerton say these wise words and turn the focus of attention onto the power of our own personal development.  He shared with the audience how he has forged his philosophy for life from his experiences on the battlefields and his journey to healing and beyond.

You’ll probably recognise rugged Ollie from your screens: he is a cornerstone of the team that brought the Special Forces into the public eye with the Channel Four series SAS: Who Dares Wins.  He is the thoughtful, kind one who counterbalances the expletive-ready Ant Middleton.

The Special Forces veteran is also a successful author and as part of the Tring Book Festival he was in conversation with retired British Army officer Major General Craig Lawrence, CBE, discussing his book, Battle Ready.  

Ollie Ollerton: “I’m passionate about changing people’s lives”

In Battle Ready, Ollie shares the step-by-step plan that changed his life. From finding purpose and visualising an outcome, to breaking bad habits and establishing positive new routines, he says his advice will help readers to overcome their own obstacles; “To become ready for any battle”.

From dodging landmines in Iraq to meditation every morning, Ollie has come a long way. And he is still on his journey; Ollie shared how being in the military was just one part of his life and the book documents his journey to find a purpose and meaning.  After years spent searching for ‘an external fix’, he realised the healing actually comes from within.

He said his book is an appreciation and understanding of self and the need for repair: his ‘internal fix’ is based on three things:  mind, body and nutrition.  “Meditation is a game-changer for me” he said.

Ollie has added another string to the bow of his personal development and is now also the CEO of BREAK-POINT, an organisation for both the public and corporate sector that focuses on changing people’s limiting beliefs and performance.  Ollie, sounding to me like the brilliant therapist we’d like to have, says he has discovered the power of helping other people.  “I’m passionate about personal development and changing people’s lives”.

You can find out more about Ollie’s work on his website:


“The most important project is you”
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