Allowing ourselves to grieve for our animals too

I am very much an ‘animal person’ and my pets are an incredibly important part of my life, my family, my joy and, at times, my sadness.  I know how the loss of a loved pet can hurt, how a sudden death can shock and from first-hand experience how the responsibility of the decision to have a pet put to sleep can weigh so heavy.

I believe it’s vital that we allow ourselves time and space to grieve for our animal best friends and because of this I have recently completed a course in Pet Bereavement Counselling.  I am very happy to be able to add this ‘string to my bow’ and to offer support if you are finding that grieving for the loss of your much-loved pet is difficult or challenging or perhaps just not understood by those around you.

Life can suddenly feel very different or empty when the companionship, love and routine of a special pet are gone.

The Blue Cross also offers a Pet Bereavement Support Service, if you have lost, or are facing saying goodbye to, a much-loved pet:

The Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service  or call 0800 096 6606 

I Loved You Best

So this is where we part, My Friend, and you’ll run on, around the bend,

Gone from sight, but not from mind, new pleasures there you’ll surely find.

I will go on, I’ll find the strength, life measures quality, not its length.

One long embrace before you leave, share one last look, before I grieve.

There are others, that much is true, but they be they, and they aren’t you.

And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought, will remember well all you’ve taught.

Your place I’ll hold, you will be missed, the fur I stroked, the nose I kissed.

And as you journey to your final rest, take with you this… I loved you best.

– Jim Willis

Allowing ourselves to grieve for our animals too
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