Inspiring young men to be brave enough to be themselves

It can be difficult to find the right words to resonate with young men, to encourage them to have belief in their own strength to be themselves, without running the risk of sounding patronising, annoying, too out of touch with what it’s like to be a teenager in 2019, or just too squirmingly
At this year’s end of season awards for the U18’s football squad, footballing dad and sports commentator Peter Drury presented the lads with some words that I think hit the mark in the inspiration stakes. His words were penned personally for his son’s team but they could be written for any group of teenagers. He has kindly given me permission to post his words here.

If your mate is in trouble, be the first to help him.
If he makes a mistake, be the first to encourage him.
If a job needs doing, be the first to put your hand up.
Don’t wait for someone else…be the man yourself.
If you’re a natural leader…lead. The world needs you right now.
If you’re a crunching tackler or a crazy keeper…get out there, crunch and be crazy.
If you’re a beautiful creator…create…and don’t worry if it doesn’t go right the first time.
If you’re a glory-boy who grabs the goals…wrap yourself in that glory and don’t apologise for it.
Even if you’re the meekest, mildest guy in the room, have the courage – just once in a while – to cut in off life’s touchline, make a mug of life’s full-back and – off your wrong side – curl a 25-yarder into life’s top corner!
In short…be brave enough to be you…and you being you, chaps…you cannot fail.

Inspiring young men to be brave enough to be themselves
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